domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

The Lasts Days

In 1815 the adventure arrived at its aim, with the decisive victory of British and prusianos in the battle of Waterloo. A continental peace based on the restoration of the old monarchies was outlined in the horizon, beginning by the Borbones in France. The only obstacle seemed to constitute it the same person of Napoleón Bonaparte. Instead of fleeing, the abdicated emperor preferred to give itself to the British authorities, trusting that they would grant some agreed residence to him with his dignity, although outside watched. Instead of that, the English government decided to put it in a boat in the direction of a lost island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: Santa Elena.
There it spent Napoleón its last six years of life. Fearing that was escaped, the British officials, commanded by Hudson governor Lowe, they maintained a monitoring strict, that it got to be obsessive, and as opposed to which they did not serve don't mention it the indignant protests of the old emperor. For this one it was not easy to happen of its life like sovereign of practically all Europe, when it crossed the battlefields from Madrid to Moscow and resided in the middle of the fastuosa cut of the palace of the Tullerías, to pass a day after shut in other in a modest residence, corroded by the humidity, and under a tropical climate that was to him depressing. Even so, Napoleón tried to imitate its old life of cut thanks to the company of the small circle of the military and secretaries who accepted to follow to him in their exile. Among them was the count of You marry Them, who gathered in writing the memories of the Emperor, a work that was decisive for the survival of the fame of Napoleón during century XIX.
Aquejado of diverse ailments, in 1821 Napoleón passed away in that remote island. Two decades later its body was repatriated to rest definitively in the Hotel of the Disabled, in Paris.

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