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Great Britain, irritated by the hostility of the actions of Napoleón, resumed the naval war with France in April of 1803. Two years later, Russia and Austria were united to Great Britain in the Third coalition. Napoleón discarded its plan to invade England and directed to its armies against the forces south wind-Russians, to whom it defeated in the battle of Austerlitz the 2 of December of 1805. It conquered the kingdom of Naples in 1806 and named king to its older brother, Jose; king titled of Italy (1805), disintegrated old Provinces United (today the Netherlands), which in 1795 he had constituted like Republic of Batavia, and founded the kingdom of Holland, to the front of which he located to his brother Luis, and settled down the Confederation of the Rin (who grouped to most of the states German) that was under his protection. It was then when Prusia and Russia forged a new alliance and attacked the confederation. Napoleón annihilated to the prusiano army in Jena and Auerstedt (1806) and the Russian in Friedland. In Tilsit (1807 July), it established an agreement with the czar Alexander I by whom the territory of Prusia was reduced enormously (it is seen Treated about Tilsit); also it incorporated new states to the Empire: the kingdom of Westfalia, governed by its Hieronymite brother, and the ducado one of Warsaw, among others.
During this time Bonaparte it had imposed the Continental System in Europe, that consisted of a blockade on the British merchandise in order to ruin the powerful commerce of Great Britain. It conquered Portugal in 1807 and in 1808 it named to its brother Jose king of Spain, after obtaining the abdication of Fernando VII in Bayonne and invading the country, leaving Naples as he compensates for its brother-in-law, Joachim Murat. The arrival to Spain de Jose Bonaparte broke out again the war of Spanish Independence. Napoleón was transferred to Spain during a time and obtained several victories, but the fight started again after its game, extending during five years the war between the French troops and the Spaniards (supported by Great Britain), playing a fundamental role the guerrilla warfare. This conflict supposed a great human wearing down (it has been considered in 300.000 losses) and economic for France that contributed to the final weakening of the Napoleonic Empire.
Bonaparte won to the Austrians in Wagram in 1809, turned the conquered territories the Ilirias Provinces (at the present time part of Slovenia, the Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro) and conquered the Pontifical States. After repudiating to Josefina, it contracted marriage in 1810 with Maria Luisa, archiduquesa of Austria and daughter of the emperor Francisco I of Austria, pertaining to the house of Hapsburg. With this connection it tied its dynasty to the oldest of it real houses of Europe, with the hope of which his son, born in 1811 and to whom granted the title of king of Rome like heir of the Empire, outside better accepted by the ruling monarchs. The Empire reached its Maxima amplitude in 1810 with the incorporation of Bremen, Lübeck and other territories of the north of Germany, as well as with the kingdom of Holland, after forcing to abdicate to its brother Luis I Bonaparte.

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