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The Coalitions

 The coalitions were formed by some European powers against the French Revolution.
 During this period whose duration is from 1789 to 1815 they made seven coalitions that are the following:
 • First: First of these seven was formed in Pilnitz in 1791, after  Luis XVI was guillotined, it was between the Kingdom of Prussia and Austrian Empire to which Spain, Sardinia, England and Sicily adhered to them this only lasted until year 1797 because it was dissolved by treaties of Basel that signed France with Spain and Prussia.
 • Second: Second coalition was formed in March of year 1799 by England, that had not lowered the arms in the war before France. Sicily, Russia, Turkey and Austria also participated. This was undone after the defeat of Marengo and different treaties of Lunéville, with Austria in 1801. Soon in 1802 France signed with England the treaty of Amiens.
 • Third: The third coalition was formed in Saint Petersburg on April of 1805 between England, Russia, Prussia and Austria. This third league was defeated by the Napoleonic army in Austerlitz and both parts signed the treaty of Presburgo in December of 1805.
• Fourth: The following alliance lasted a year, it began in September of 1806 and it finalized in 1807, July. This was conformed by Sweden, England, Prussia and Russia. It was dissolved with the treaty of Tilsit after the battle of Friedland.
 • Fifth: The fifth confederation lasted from April of 1809 to October of that same year. This finished with the defeat of the Austrians in Wagram and the peace of Schönbrunn.
 • Sixth: The following agreement was formed between European Sweden, Russia, Prussia, England, Austria and some other powers in March of 1813, and it was dismantled in April of 1814. The result of it was the abdication of Napoleon and its confinement in the island of Elbe.
 • Seventh: Seventh of the coalitions was formed in Vienna in 1815 after the return from Napoleon to Paris when he escaped from the island of Elbe. Napoleon was defeated in the battle of Waterloo. This was the last one of the coalitions since Napoleon was taken as prisoner to the distant island of Santa Elena and he couldn’t retake the power

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