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Military Career

That general of twenty-seven years transformed bodies of desarrapados men hungry and demoralized into a formidable war machine that crushed Piedmont in less than two weeks and repelled to the Austrians beyond the Alps, of victory in victory. Their campaigns of Italy would pass to be matter forced of study in the military schools during innúmeras promotions. Or as much more significant that their overwhelming victories in Lodi, in 1796, in Arcole and Rívoli, in 1797, were their political reorganization of the Italian peninsula, that again carried out refundiendo the secular divisions and the old states in dependent republics die of France. The ray of the war was revealed simultaneously like the genius of La Paz. Most disquieting it was the independent character of its management: it did and it undid according to its own criteria and not according to the directions of Paris. The Directory began to be irritated. When Austria was forced to request La Paz in 1797, no longer a strict control was possible on a caudillo raised to the category of legendary hero.
Napoleón in the campaign of Egypt
Napoleón showed a threatening propensity to be the sword that it executes, the government whom it administers and the head that it plans and it directs, three people in a same nature of inigualada effectiveness. For that reason, the Directory columbró the possibility of moving away to that threat accepting its plan to cut to the vital routes of the British power - those of the Mediterranean and India with an expedition to Egypt. Thus, the 19 of May of 1798 embarked course to Alexandria, and two months later, in the battle of pyramids, it dispersed to the chaste one of mercenarios soldiers who operated the country in name of Turkey, the mamelucos, to go into soon in the Syria desert. But all their possibilities of success were colapsadas by the destruction of the French square in Abukir by Nelson, I emulate English of Napoleón in the naval scenes.
The misfortune left it isolated and being consumed of impatience before the fragmentary news that received from Europe. There the second coalition of the monarchic powers had recovered the conquests of Italy and the French inner policy boiled of conspiracies and candidates to assault a State in which the only stabilizing force that reduced was the army. Finally it was decided to return to France in the first boat that could evade the blockade of Nelson, saturated of passage in his native island and nobody dared to judge by desertion and abandonment to him of its troops, while it raised again from Córcega Paris, now like undisputed hero.

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