domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Its Youth

Its anxious youthful stage ran between goings and comings to France, new quarterings with the troops, this time in Auxonne, the vortex of the Revolution, whose violent explosions knew during a stay in Paris, and the independentistas conflicts of Córcega. In the anxious confrontation of the factions insulares, Napoleón was created irreconciliables enemies, among them he himself Paoli, when breaking this one with the republican Convention and praising/pouring off the young official by the Frenchified factions. The distrust towards the paolistas in the family Bonaparte went away trocando in furious antagonism. Napoleón was raised by means of you intrigue with the headquarters of the military service and wanted to machine-gun to its adversaries in the streets of Ajaccio. But it failed and it had to flee with his, to escape to the fire of its house and an almost safe death at the hands of his infuriated compatriots.
Installed with its family in Marseilles, malvivió between great economic shortages that sometimes located on the brink of madness the misery to them; the horizon of the familiar availabilities used to finish in the houses of persistence, but the Bonaparte did not lack anger nor resources. It was able to reincorporar itself to rows with the captain degree and acquired an ample reputation with occasion of the siege of Tolón, in 1793, when choking a contrarrevolucionaria revolt supported by the English; the attack plan proposed to general inexperimentados was his, the execution also and the infallible success.
In recognition to its merits it was promoted brigadier general, it was destined to him to the separate military command of artillery in the army of Italy and traveled in special mission to Genoa. Those contacts with the Robespierre were on the verge of being to him fatal when falling the jacobino Terror, the 9 Termidor, and seeing themselves jailed by a time in the strength of Antibes, while its suspicious connection was explained. Released through another privateering, the commissioner of the Convention Salicetti, the Napoleón young person, with twenty-four years and without office nor benefit, returned to begin in Paris, as if he left There from
 zero found to the refined Josefina Tascher of the Pagerie, of as shining reputation as ambiguous, that also overwhelmed its sentimental emptiness. She was a native Creole lady of the Martinica, that had two children, Hortensia and Eugene, and whose first husband, vizconde and general of Beauharnais, had been guillotined by the jacobinos. Much more behind schedule Napoleón, that declared not to have felt a deep affection by anything or by anybody, would confess to have loved enthusiastically in its youth Josefina, that had been about five years to him. Between its lovers Barras was counted, the strong man of the Directory arisen with the new republican Constitution of 1795, that at that time walked to the search of a sword, according to its literal expression, to which to handle properly for the preservative crease of the republic and to steal it to the continuous attempts of coup d'etat of realists, egalitarian jacobinos and radicals. The election of Napoleón was precipitated by one of the frightful insurrections of the popular masses of Paris, when finalizing 1795, to which the monarchists with their own destabilizing aims added themselves. Ordered to repress it, Napoleón conducted an operation of wall and annihilation to cannon shots that the capital flooded in blood left. The Convention had been saved.

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