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Napoleón beginnings

Napoleon were born the 15 of August of 1769 in Ajaccio, capital of the present Córcega, in a numerous family of eight brothers, the family Bonaparte or, with their italianizado last name, Buonaparte. Five of them were men: Jose, Napoleón, Lucien, Luis and Jerónimo. The children were Elisa, Paulina and Carolina. Under protection of the greatness of Napolione - therefore they called in its language vernáculo-, all were going to accumulate honors, wealth, fame and to also allow thousand madnesses. The mother, Maria Leticia Ramolino, were a woman of remarkable personality, to which Stendhal chose by its character signs and ardent.
Carlos Maria Bonaparte, the father, always with economic oppression by his uncertain rough estimates in the law, borne thanks to the possession of some earth, demonstrated to have few aptitudes for the practical life. Their difficulties in front of worsened when taking party by the nationalistic cause from Córcega their new metropolis, France; congregated around a national hero, Paoli, the islanders defended it with the arms. In accordance with the defeats of Paoli and the persecution of her side, the mother of Napoleón had to face during his first lightings the laborious incidences of the fled ones by the steep island; of their thirteen children, those eight only survived. Subjugated the revolt, the French governor, count of Marbeuf, the letter played to be attracted the patricias families of the island. Carlos Bonaparte, who religaba his ínfulas of property to the small nobility with ancestors in Toscana, took advantage of the opportunity, traveled with a recommendation of Marbeuf towards the metropolis to credit them and obtained that their two older children entered quality of scholarship holders in the School of Autun.
The scholastic merits of Napoleón in mathematics, to which very it was become fond of and that got to constitute a species of second nature for him - of great utility for their future military specialty, the artillery, facilitated their enter the Military school of Brienne. It left to the seventeen years with the appointment second lieutenant and a destiny there trimming in the city of Valence.

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